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Is Your Financial House in Order?

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"Man maintains his balance, poise, and sense of security only as he is moving forward."

- Maxwell Maltz

Financial security is a state of well being where you feel confident about your financial future, knowing you don't constantly have to worry about having sufficient money to get by.

Whatever your personal goals, Newhouse Financial can help you put your best foot forward, so you can make informed decisions to secure your financial future, and be properly protected, no matter what difficulties come along. 

Draw on our 40+ years experience to meet your specific needs and have peace of mind. Working together, will thoughtfully assess what's important to you, and then impliment the best options to meet your objectives.

Click on the boxes below to learn more about plans for personal security, and contact us today to discover how easy it can be to plan your tomorrows.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Providing Protection For Those You Love:

Plan today to protect your family tomorrow with policies that provide protection for your future health and guard against unanticipated expenses for future care or the care of loved ones might seem like a tough conversation to have, but is there a more important one?

Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income Insurance

How Long Could You Afford To Go Without A Paycheck?

It’s no fun to think about what life would look like should disability strike. 

Disability benefits can replace part of your income so you can focus on recovery instead of worrying about your ability to pay the bills. If you don't have coverage, or you’re not sure the coverage you have is sufficient, contact us to learn how we can help protect your income.

<p class="">Estate Planning

Estate Planning

What percentage of estate reduction due to taxes is acceptable to you?

Estate planning isn’t only for old, wealthy people. Anything that you care about–from collectables, to vintage jewelry that has been in your family for generations to a cabin where your family vacations–is important enough to justify estate planning. Sometimes young families think they don’t have enough property or “stuff” to justify estate planning. But if you have a child or business, you have estate planning concerns. Who will raise your children, manage assets your family may inherit, or take over your business? Life insurance often plays a key role in providing liquidity to address estate needs.

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