Long-Term Care Insurance

You may be planning to live a long healthy life, but are you prepared for the expenses of daily living if your health changes? Long Term Care Insurance

When we are young we like to think of ourselves as indestructible. We soon realize how suddenly that can change if severe health concerns like Alzheimer's, stroke, Parkinson's or other conditions take hold and can lead to both physical and financialelderly devastation. It may seem obvious that no one is immune to the effects of aging and living longer but some people may be more prepared than others because they planned ahead.

Remember, Medicare does not cover long-term care and Medicaid is available only after all your other financial resources have been depleted. If you don't have long-term care insurance perhaps it is a good time to contact us about how long-term care insurance can play a part in providing you and your family security.

Depending on your policy, you could get help paying for care at home, in community-based settings, assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Of course, long-term care coverage shouldn’t be see as just for the elderly. A car accident or a stroke or any number of health challenges could make you incapable of caring for yourself at any age. What would that look like for your family if you didn’t have any financial protection? Would it make a tough situation even worse?