Pet and Equine Insurance

Every horse owner has unique needs — and unique exposures — that call for specialized insurance coverage

Horse owners place themselves and their assets at risk every time their horse comes in contact with people or property. Equine-related lawsuits occur more often than you might think and many homeowners’ policies limit equine liability coverage or exclude it altogether. Newhouse offers both commercial and personal equine

Commercial Equine Liability

If you give riding lessons or board, breed, race or train horses, you need a Commercial Equine Liability policy.  This coverage is designed specifically for all types of horse-related businesses, including boarding, breeding, racing, and training, riding instruction, horse sales, horse shows, clinics, personal/pleasure horses and team roping and penning practices.  We also offer plans for independent trainers.

Private Horse Owner Liability

At any time, your personal horse could kick someone or cause property damage in other ways. If you own horses but do not operate a commercial horse business, our Private Horse Owner Liability policy can protect you against legal claims concerning bodily injury or property damage to someone on or off your premises. For example, if your horse got loose in the road and caused an accident or injured someone at a show, you could be held liable.

Equine Mortality and Surgical Insurance

Your financial and emotional investment in your horse(s) is too important to not be protected.  Our All Risk Mortality and Theft coverage reimburses in the event of the death, theft or humane destruction of a covered horse. Our plans can also cover medical/surgical needs. Not all policies are the same. For example, medical/surgical coverage varies significantly between insurers.

Ask yourself: Does your insurer pay a percentage or all of your horse’s diagnostic or aftercare surgical or medical treatment?  For how long will your policy pay for aftercare treatment?  Does your policy pay up to the benefit limit, all or a percentage of surgical treatments?  Does your policy pay for treatments such as chiropractic, corrective shoeing, magnetic, laser, non-elective dental and non-surgical lameness?

Insurance for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, exotic pets — even Geckos

Like people, with advances in medical technologies and treatments available, the cost to care for our family pets can be substantial. Ongoing and unexpected veterinary treatments for your dog or other cherished pet can quickly become a financial burden. MRI’s, radiation therapy, even transplants are now common in veterinary medicine.

If your the type of person that would want to do everything possible to help your pet, Newhouse can arrange coverage for accidents, illnesses, prescriptions, surgeries, hospitalization and much more.