Personal Excess Liability Insurance

Coverage that goes above and beyond for the ultimate piece of mind

Peronal excess liability policies, sometimes referred to umbrella insurance, provide you an additional level of liability protection beyond the coverage in your basic insurance policy. Even though your home and auto insurance provides some protection from personal liability claims, by necessity the personal liability component is limited. Your policy may still leave you exposed if someone files a substantial liability claim against you.umbrella

Protect your home, family and assets by purchasing an umbrella policy to provide extra, overall coverage. Amounts usually range from $1 million to $5 million and typically cover losses beyond what your other policies will pay. The coverage isn’t tied to your property or vehicle so it goes with you where you go.

Umbrella insurance is recommended in certain circumstances. Employing a nanny in the home or having a pool on your property are just two examples of liability risk factors where your liability exposure might exceed the typical homeowners policy. High net-worth individuals are more likely to be sued for liability than others who lack the means to pay large claims. Examples of claims an include:

  • Injuries that occur on your property, or in your home
  • Accidents involving your car or other recreational vehicles
  • Judgements above your basic coverage

The more assets you own, the more exposed you may be. That’s why these policies may provide priceless peace of mind.

Contact us for a complimenary review of your coverage, to make sure your plans provide adequate protection.