Personal Articles and Valuables

Protect your most cherished possessions

From jewelry to collectibles, most people have more valuables than they realize. Your underlying basic homeowner’s policy may not cover their full value. Protecting your valuables from loss is important for anyone with treasured belongings. Whether you boatjust need jewelry insurance or want insurance for multiple valuables, Newhouse offers options to get the coverage you need so you can have peace of mind.

In addition to the traditional home and property insurance, Newhouse provides insurance solutions for:

  • Jewelry & furs
  • Antiques & silver
  • Fine furniture
  • Instruments & fine art
  • Laptops, cameras, & other costly electronics
  • Coin and Stamp collections
  • Wine collections
  • Inherited items
  • Other unique & rare collectibles and personal effects

rounded23Whether purchased, inherited, or received as a gift, Newhouse Financial and Insurance Brokers wants to make sure your valuable possessions receive the best protection they deserve in the event of an accident or theft. Not sure if your valuables are covered? Contact us. We can answer that question and much more.