Personal Property Casualty Insurance

Your home may be the most significant investment you’ll make… Have you Protected it to the current value?

Whether you’re planning a home addition, have a teenage child getting a driver’s license, or you are purchasing a new piece of jewelry or painting to mark a milestone, don’t you want to know that you are properly covered?rounded25

Our coverage questionnaire will help identify and eliminate gaps in your coverage, including:

  • Directors & Officers insurance if you serve on a for-profit or non-profit board of directors
  • Worker’s Compensation and Disability Benefits Law coverage for household employees
  • Protection for valuable possessions, such as art, cars, rare books, stamps, coins and wine holdings

Our objective is always to ensure that your coverage properly matches your evolving and unique needs. When you get to know us you will find we will communicate with you regularly to make sure that your policies are kept current and make appropriate adjustments, as needed.

For automobile insurance, boater’s insurance, or insurance for valuables, we only work with the best carriers. Request a free personal insurance quote.