Health Insurance for Real Estate Brokers and the Self-Employed

We offer comprehensive medical insurance for New York area 1099 real estate agents and the self-employed

Benefits and Highlights:

  • Group rates
  • Guaranteed-acceptance*
  • No medical questions or exams
  • No pre-existing condition limitations or waiting periods, provided you had prior coverage
  • Unlimited Maximum’s
  • Dependents covered to age 26
  • Eight Health Plans to choose from one of the national largest health insurance companies, ranging from comprehensive plans, to high deductible consumer driven health plans and Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s)
  • Dental and Vision plans available
  • Benefits include: doctor office visits, wellness visits, emergency room benefits, surgery benefits, prescriptions drug coverage  and more

* Based on eligibility (Schedule C of the federal tax return; minimum income required)

Accident and Cancer Insurance (aka critical care coverage)

Critical care coverage offers a distinct type of protection. Unlike traditional health insurance, this type of coverage pays you (unless otherwise assigned), not the doctor or hospital. You control the cash benefits and spend them as you like to help with the financial challenges that an accident or illness can cause to your standard of living.