General Liability Insurance

Could you be sued for more than your current coverage limits?

A harsh reality business owners understand is that you can be sued for just about anything. If you’re relying on your Business Owners Policy (BOP) your coverage limits may not be adequate to cover your potential legal liability and defense costs. General Liability Insurance covers court costs, plus property damage, bodily in
jury, personal and advertising injury that occurs either on premises or through operations or contract agreements. It also includes products and completed projects. Some specific examples follow:

Business Liability Insurance
Business liability insurance can protect businesses, their owners and employees in the event of various allegations brought against them by third parties.
Medical Malpractice and Medical Liability Insurance
Nearly all states require physicians to have liability insurance. This is one industry where practitioners know they need to have the best plan, not just the cheapest one. We can help you get high-quality coverage from some of the top-rated companies in the industry.
Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions (E & O)
Professional Liability insurance, also called Errors & Omissions Liability, or E&O for short, protects you and your business against claims resulting from errors or failing to provide a professional service. This coverage is recommended for professional service providers, including financial consultants, accountants, attorneys, architects and engineers who offer professional services.
Directors and Officers Liability (D&O)
Directors and Officers Liability, also referred to as D&O liability insurance, offers coverage to protect the financial assets of a business, as well as the personal assets of its directors and officers, against certain allegations of wrongdoing. These policies provide coverage for defense costs, settlements and judgments for claims brought by shareholders, employees, creditors, customers and other parties of interest. Typically, these plans cover misrepresentations, breach of fiduciary duty or mismanagement, negligence, antitrust issues, consumer protection violations and other disputes.
Employment Practices Liability
Employment Practices Liability, also referred to as EPL insurance, is an important line of coverage that protects businesses, including directors, officers and employees, current or past, who sue for a range of allegations such as wrongful termination, discrimination, workplace harassment, emotional distress and more.
Pollution Liability
Pollution liability protects business property, either owned or leased, operating facilities and construction operations. This type of insurance responds to claims made for pollution events originating from a covered location or operation. Coverage is provided to third parties for defense costs, bodily injury, property damage and clean up expenses.
Commercial and Business Property
Commercial property covered under this form of insurance is designed to pay for direct physical loss or damage to commercial and business property. This is particularly important to have when a large percentage of a business value consists of real and business personal property. Real property consists of things like buildings, permanent structures and permanently installed equipment. Business personal property consists of furniture, fixtures, equipment and stock.
Employee dishonesty and other crime insurance
Commercial crime coverage provides insurance for dishonest acts for businesses or public entities when committed by employees or others. Coverage can include: • Employee dishonesty • Forgery • Loss of money and securities • Robbery or burglary • Computer wire transfer fraud • Extortion
Inland Marine and Ocean Cargo
Inland Marine policies insure business property that is transported. It can include inventories of special items like art in transit or buildings under construction. Ocean Cargo Insurance provides security to buyers and sellers to send/receive their goods from foreign markets, either by ship, barge or air. It allows banking institutions to finance these contracts. You can cover the cost of shipping, contents and loss of profit on damaged goods.
Business Income and Expense Insurance
Business Income and Extra Expense insurance provides protection against time-sensitive claims for covered direct damage loss relating to buildings or personal property. When business property is damaged or destroyed, it can take a long time to put the asset back to a pre-event income-producing condition. In such cases, lost income and extra expenses can be crippling. It’s important to make sure this type of insurance includes coverage often overlooked for such items as restoring phone service, short term alternate space lease and renting equipment.
Representations & Warranties Insurance
Representations & Warranties coverage insures a business for breach of a seller’s representations and warranties claims made in a merger or acquisition, acting either as buyer or seller. When a good deal is not going according to plan due to questions relating to representations or warranties, this form of coverage can be invaluable.
International Property & Liability Insurance
As the world becomes smaller, International Property and Liability insurance is needed by businesses that use foreign suppliers, maintain foreign offices and have employees traveling abroad. Foreign Liability and Foreign Automobile Liability insurance covers suits for events taking place outside the United States and Canada where the suit is also brought outside the United States and Canada. Other coverage available includes foreign voluntary worker’s compensation, kidnap and ransom and property coverage.