Business Owner Policy

Is A BOP Right For Me? Comprehensive Coverage For Small Business Owners.

Protecting your assets is essential for any business owner. For many firms, particularly smaller businesses, a business owner’s policy (BOP) is perfect, because they provide multiple insurance coverages in a cost-effective and comprehensive package.

BOP’s offer a standard package at lower premiums than for coverage bought separately. The simplified aspect of a packaged plan is appealing to many people and insurance companies offer them at competitive prices because they are streamlined.

BOP policies can include coverage for:

  • Buildings, equipment and inventory
  • Business interruption for reduced production or a shut down
  • Making up for lost profits or paying continuing expenses
  • Liability for claims due to neglect by employees or defective products
  • Burglary, robbery, other theft or destruction
  • Liability coverage for lawsuits arising from accidents occurring on your business property
  • Slander, copyright or invasion of privacy
  • Rented or borrowed vehicles